What you Need to Know About Solar Safety

When having your own solar panel, you have done a great part in ensuring a safer future climate for the future generations, your kids, grandkids and even great grandkids but make sure to safeguard them and even yourself against the possible danger as well.

Be sure that your kids know that they will not ever touch a wire and there will be no climbing up the roof because there are solar panels up there. This is important if you have a room that could access the roof through its window.

Solar roof can pump out as much as 600 volts if the sun is out, this is why it becomes an important aspect in having a solar power. This is also the reason why building department and fire departments have set a fire codes to deal safely of a building in a fire with solar panels on the roof.

If you are in a case where you really need to go up on the roof like cleaning the gutters, here are some safety tips you should do.

You have to locate first the control system of the electrical system and disconnect the power that comes from your solar system. this is usually a marked box and typically in the front of your house where firefighters can have easy access as required by the law. If you’re not sure of locating the box or maybe you have questions regarding the procedure, it is better to contact your local fire department or Austin solar power so that they can assist you in the procedure in turning off the power of your solar panel in order for you to walk on your roof safer.

Always assume that every electrical wiring is live even if you already shut off the main breaker because when the sun is shining, there is always a dangerous DC voltage being generated in the PV panels. One way to eliminate the power is covering all panels with opaque tarp. If your home has a battery backup AC circuits might become live anytime.

Most people don’t climb on the roof in case of fire because it is not safe but, in most case, when it is really needed to be on the roof, only the trained firefighters are allowed for they are trained on dealing with solar panels.

But in a rare instance that you or a volunteer firefighter who is not familiar with a solar panel on the roof, which could be a real danger of being electrocuted that you need to be aware of. In worst case scenario, if you can’t locate the box to turn it off, never cut or step on the PV panels or even the wirings that comes from the PV panels most especially on daylight. It is much safer when there is no sun so that the voltage from the system is not very lethal. Even though you already located the breakers and shut it off, don’t assume that the panels are safe to step on being an alternative for the roof surface for solar panel are not designed to support the weight of the person.

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